Taurus Zodiac Sign, Taurean People, Taurus Sun Sign, Characteristic profile of Taureans

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Taurus Zodiac Sign (The Bull)

Element- Earth
Lucky Day- Friday
Color- Green, Pink
Strength- Trustworthy, Empathatic, Loyal, Mental Strength
Weakness- Sensitive, Receptive to Change

The Bull, as Taurus is generally known, is literally similar to the Bull. Taurus person is very strong both physically and emotionally. A Taurean is mostly quiet and silent in the first meeting. But the closer you go to a Taurus person, the more you come to know about him and his talks. Taurus people are often humorous but only with people they are close to.

Taurus people have strong will power. Once they have made a firm mind about anything, it is next to impossible to change it. Taurus person is a steady going person who doesn’t want many ups and downs in his like. They like the life to be smooth. Taurus people rarely get angry but when they do, its better to get away from them. There anger lasts for a considerable time.

People with Taurus zodiac sign love admiring beauty. They like people to get fascinated by them and come close. Taurus person is always there for you in time of need, but fights alone when he face any problem. He can absorb all the tensions and pressure within himself. The more the problems in his mind, the stronger he gates emotionally. They are very stable and do the work in sequence. Taurus people analyze the situation first, do a lot of brainstorming before coming to a decision. This often takes a lot of time. Such long analysis results in slower decision making.

Taurus people are soft at heart. They will always be nice to you. People with this zodiac sign are just as the person opposite to them. They mould themselves as per the given situations and person. A Taurean loves his family and and friends. He can spend a fortune on them.

Taurus are very fond of material things on earth. They give as much importance to the external appearance as they give to internal thoughts. Taurus people are committed to their loved ones and take the relation forward as long as the other person wants. However if they become your enemy, better beware.
Taurus people usually have full faces with a bit wider nose, strong physique and broad shoulders.

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