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Scorpio –The Scorpion (24th October – 22nd November)

Symbol – Scorpion
Planet- Pluto
Element – Water
Day - Tuesday , Saturday
Color - Grey, Red, Black
Strength - Trustful, Caring, Romantic, Determined
Weakness - Extremely Possessive, Jealous, Stubborn

Scorpio, the seventh zodiac sign among 12 zodiac signs, is represented by The Scorpion. Scorpios are one of the most charismatic and strong characters in all the zodiac signs. Their calm appearance doesn’t imply their docile behaviour. They are like an earthquake, which can come anytime and with full force.

People who are close to the Scorpio people know what kind of magnetic energy they possess. They have a powerful attracting personality. Scorpios are gifted with piercing eyes, which shake you from inside. You feel totally weak and helpless when followed by the eyes of a Scorpio.

Scorpio people have a very clear understanding about themselves. They know their strengths and weaknesses and use them wherever needed. They possess a strong will power which can move mountains. However deep inside this strong character is a sensitive and emotional human being who doesn’t digest insult and gets hurt easily.

People with Scorpio zodiac sign are very straight forward. They don’t know how to mould words. If they feel that you are wrong, they will tell it straight on your face, no matter you like it or not. He will also not hesitate appreciating you if you have done something good.

Confident as they are, they never fear doing anything they have thought of. They have exceptionally good memory. Scorpios don’t forgive and don’t forget. They will not forget any good act done to them and similarly will not forget any harm and pain caused to them. They make it a point to return all the favor and destroy his enemy by meticulous planning.

Scorpio people are passionate lovers and love sexual fantasies. They possess high degree of sensuality and look for love making every now and then. Their urge of sexual desire mixed with love takes them to high levels of excitement.
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