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Sagittarius Ė The Archer (23rd November Ė 21st December)

Symbol- The Archer
Element Ė Fire
Day - Monday, Thursday
Color - Blue, Red
Strength - Intellect, Honest, Horizon
Weakness - Outspoken, Change Prone

Sagittarius, the ninth zodiac sign among twelve, is represented by The Archer. Sagittarius people always look towards the positive side of life. They tend to move ahead leaving behind the past. Sagittarius people are always in the lookout of new ideas. Your fighting spirit is like by many people and you are adored for that.

Sagittarius people donít know playing with words. They do praise and compliment people, but their words often put them in embarrassing situations. Though they donít have any ill intentions behind it, trying to mend their mistake creates more bad than good.

These people are sharp minded and energetic. They are very far away from cheating others. Being restless is part of their trait and you have to work hard to make them do a task for long.

They have a pure heart. Sagittarius people speak what they have in their mind and heart. This may sometimes create problems, but it is this innocence of theirs that wins them good friends. Their acquaintances are aware of their open behavior and never mind their words.

Sarittarius talk a lot and never let any person feel out of the group. Their cheerful and happy-go-lucky attitude brings smile even on the most depressed person.

Getting too mushy with a Sagittarius or insulting him can boil his temper. They later on donít hesitate going to that person and greeting him after their temper has cooled.

Sagittarius people love to travel. Their intellectual inclination makes them learn more about religion. In love, these people run away from long term commitments and responsibilities.

They want to be free and binding them can make them depressed. These people have got a thin stomach and canít digest a secret. They spell it out and tell others not to reveal it to any other person.

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