Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality Details,Gemini Sun Sign Characteristics,Nature of Gemini

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Gemini - The Twins (22nd May-21 June)

Planet- Mercury
Day-Wednesday, Saturday
Color- Yellow,Blue
Strengths- Haapy-go-Lucky, Good Communication skills, Information seeker
Weakness- Self centered, Complex and complicated

No two people are the same. This is the same case with The Twins. Since Gemini is represented by Twins or Duals, people born under this sun sign possess a conflicting personality. A Gemini doesnít like to stick to one thing. They like change though sometimes they himself doesnít know what and why.

Geminiís are versatile. You canít predict the tastes of Gemini. One day he likes one thing and the other day a different thing. They are very curious people and want to know each and every thing. This makes them a store house of common knowledge. Being good at communication and talks, people with Gemini sun sign get along with others easily during a gathering.

Since they possess a dual personality, they do things which people donít expect and thus get surprised. They are restless and want to do things fast. You will hear opinions from Gemini only to listen later that he didnít say anything of that sort. People with Gemini zodiac sign donít open their cards to others, hiding their thoughts and plans.

Two people in one makes Gemini look for rest whenever they get some time. Their inquisitiveness and need for more always takes them in search of newer grounds.

Gemini people possess very good humor sense. With this humor sense and strong communication, they can become the center of attraction very soon. It is very difficult and challenging for a Gemini to get to know himself/herself. These people want to be as far from commitments as they can.

You can also sometimes see a Gemini talking to himself/herself, into arguments as if he is talking to somebody else. They have strong language sense and speak very fluently.

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