About Libra People,Personality Traits of Libra Zodiac Sign,Behaviour and Characteristics of people with Libra Sun Sign

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Libra- The Balance (24th September – 23rd October)

Symbol –The Balance
Planet – Venus
Element –Air
Day – Friday, Sunday
Color- Blue, Light Pink
Strength - Extrovert, Energetic, Loving, Affectionate
Weakness - Shaky, Careless, Flirt

Libra, depicted by The Balance, represents calmness and balanced behavior . Libran people are very polite to others. You will never hear a Libran person speaking rudely and roughly to anybody. Hard words are a complete no to people with Libra zodiac sign.

Balanced attitude brings in them the perfect ability to judge between right and wrong without any influences. So he is the one sought after for resolving any issues among people.

Libran people are gregarious and love socializing. They mix up with people to the extent that they become best buddies in short span of time.

Libran people try maintaining the perfect balance between their feelings most of the times. They are friendly, witty, balanced one time and stubborn, irritating and unbalanced the other time. However they are very lively when in a balanced state and can electrify the atmosphere.

People with Libra sun sign work day and night if they feel the need. Once they are exhausted, they go into slumber and no body can budge them then. Librans are very good at arguments. They prefer healthy discussions and try to be completely fair during the argument. They will switch their point in between and win in both.

Patience is the trade mark of Libra people. They want to do every task with full patience.

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