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Aries Zodiac Sign (The Ram)

Aries, the Ram- 21st March- 20th April

Lucky Day-Tuesday
Lucky Color- Dark Red
Strength- Full of Enthusiasm, Risk Taker
Weakness- Impatience, Me First attitude

Aries, the first Zodiac sign, is also called the Ram. Being the first sign, it is considered as a new born baby whose world revolves only around him. People with Aries sun sign are very friendly by nature and get acquainted to others very early and very easily.

Innocent at heart, they are the people who often trust and get hurt. What they are inside shows on their outer self too. Aries people want things to be done very fast and therefore aggressive sometimes. People with aries zodiac sign donít feel it bad to accept their mistakes, but donít also like if reminded of their wrong doings time and again. Aries doesnít differentiate much among people. For him, there are only two kinds of people on earth, either good or bad.

The anger of Aries goes as it comes, fast. They are the people who believe in forgetting your mistakes. Conversation is the strength of Aries. They can go on and on when others have lost ground. Aries are firm believers of the saying ď Success comes to those who tryĒ. They never lose hope till they achieve what they desire. This often brings over confidence in them and they sometimes lose what they had achieved with great work

Aries people play with their mind and are therefore good at business or creative work. They want the acknowledgement of their good work and get hurt if they donít get it. Aries are leaders in true sense and dominate every conversation they enter into.
Aries people are gifted with the great sense of intuition. An aries who has recognized this power can read each and every personsí mind, whom he is acquainted to.

In order to excel in life, there are some things that an Aries person should keep in mind. He should not be over confident in things he does, should avoid repetition, should give some time to himself and most importantly, learn to listen.

Aries people can be prone to Headaches, Stomach and eyes problems.

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