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Cancer- The Crab (22 June-23 July)

Element- Water
Color-Green, Off White, Silver
Day- Monday
Strength- Loyalty, Close to Family, Empathetic
Weakness- Emotional, Doesn’t like change, Changeable
One of the most common characteristics found in a Cancerian is his changeable or moody nature. He seems to be very extrovert and full of time at point of time and totally introvert and life less at the other point of time. He can party hard at the start and sit aloof in one corner by the end of party.

A Cancerian person prefers the comfort of home and the security it provides. When hurt, he often vents out his feelings by either crying or going into deep silence. Person with Cancer sun sign gets deeply hurt even at scoldings and hard sayings, though he doesn’t take these feelings very far.

When he is hurt, he wants to be away from whole of the world, not replying to anybody’s calls or responding to people’s talks. He at that moment wants to be with himself only and soon becomes normal. People with cancer sun sign learn a lot from life and experience. They always remember their past and take lessons at each point in their life. Their friends consider them as their library of secrets and tell them everything, knowing that they shall never spell out anything.

Cancerians are kind and soft at heart. They understand the feelings of a people and listen to their problems as if the problems belong to them also. A cancerian wants to help people in every possible way he can, though he doesn’t want others to know his problems and his sorrows.

Canerians feel very vulnerable deep inside their heart. They require love and care to get away with this insecurity. They always keep thinking about their future. This often fills them with negative thoughts and depresses them

Cancer people are better during romance than they are during their real (married) life, though they are loyal towards their loved one during whole of their life.

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