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Capricorn Ė The Goat (22nd December Ė 20th January)

Symbol Ė Sea/Mountain Goat
Day-Tuesday, Saturday
Colors- Dark blue, Orange, Black
Strength- Determination, Dependable, Honest, Meticulous worker
Weakness- Shy, Inflexible, High temper

The tenth zodiac sign represented by The Goat, Capricorns are the people who donít belive in show off. They keep away from all the hustle and bustle in the town and still do their work perfectly.Capricorns appear to be serious people. They have a appealing personality and attractive physique.

A Capricorn person maintains his calm, no matter what tasks and responsibilities come over him. Failures donít deter him from moving towards his goal. They admire people who have made their way to success and tread their success path. Professionally, they are not jealous of their colleagues, rather they encourage people to move ahead in life and make it a point to be ahead of them always.

They are very practical beings. Capricorns have full focus over their target and stop only after achieving it. Capricorns want full control and power before taking a work in his hand. Though they are romantic at heart, they are still focused on their targets.

Capricorns have high respect for people. They give a lot of importance to experience and seniority. They donít poke their nose in others business and expect the same. Capricorn people are always on the look out for any opportunity to pass by their door. They are quick enough to grab it and make best possible use for their benefit.

Hard work is one of his most important personality traits. Capricorns are responsible people and donít shy away from responsibilities. Their determination takes them to great heights of success. Capricorn people are very dependable and will soon make themselves indispensable for you.

Donít do things which a Capricorn doesnít like or he is bound to loose his temper. They are a bit stubborn. You have to handle them with love and affection in order to understand and accept your view point.

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