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Virgo-The Virgin (24th August-23rd September)

Element- Earth
Day Ė Monday, Wednesday
Color- Yellow, Royal Blue
Strength- Rational, Determined, Reliable, Observant
Weakness- Stubborn, Lacks expression

Virgo, the virgin, are the people totally dedicated to their families. They are the people who pay special attention to words and to things happening around them. Virgo people analyze a lot and make good decisions afterwards.

People with Virgo zodiac sign want every thing to perfection. Everything in their vicinity has to be just perfect. They donít hesitate asking you to make your things right. You can often find a Virgo very busy in work as if they have more work than time. This is somewhat correct. Virgo people look for work and seem burdened with it later on.

Virgo people hate lies. They will always speak the truth, no matter what the after affects. The lies which they rarely speak never harm anybody. Sincerity is their trademark.

Virgo people lack expression. You will seldom hear them speaking out their heart feelings. They therefore think a lot.

These people manage money wonderfully. They can be a bit extravagant sometimes, but that would be once in a blue moon. Virgo people feel contended helping others in need. They are intelligent enough to get their work done. Too much work often confuses them.

Virgo people make good and dependable friends. Virgoís make a lot of acquaintances but have very less friends. They are very truthful to their friends. You will not be able to judge a Virgo easily as they try their best hiding their feelings and often succeed in this.

Virgo people possess very sharp memory. They can remember and recollect very minute things happened in the past. Their analyzing abilities help them understand people. Logical thinking makes them one stop shop for problem solvings.

They donít bring out what they have in mind. Virgo people are very simple at heart and never think bad about anybody. They need to maintain a balance between their inner and out feelings. Virgos need to be more expressive of their feelings and thoughts

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