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Leo - The Lion (24th July-23rd August)

Lucky Day-Tuesday,Sunday
Lucky Color-Golden, Crimson Red, Yellow
Strength- Energetic, Motivator, Loyal
Weakness- Possessive, Authoritative, Showy

Just like a Lion, a Leo is independent and wants to have full control over others. Leoís are full of energy and you can find them at most of the hot and happening places in the town. Leo people want to be admired and need an audience who can appreciate them.

Leo people are very good motivators. They are very enthusiastic and full of life. They are very social people and are always surrounded by a gathering. Leo peson donít think much about their past. They are always ready to help people with their advise. Leos are also a very good buddy. Forgiving people is their trait. They hold high respect for others and are very understanding.

In Business too Leo wants full control of events and happenings. They are a team player and motivate people at the work place to attain the desired goal. Strong determination and will power takes them towards successful path. Leo wants a lavish lifestyle and flaunts what they have.

Leo hates monotony and want to be charged up all the time. Caught in a dull and monotonous work, they find ways to make it excitement and keep the it alive till the end. Leos are dominating and donít like people to order them. Leos are also very demanding and want things in order and on time.

Their lively attitude brings within them the ability of resilience. They always come back with life and attitude whenever they go through a bad state. Leo people possess a lot of self respect in them which sometimes takes the shape of Ego. They are too egoistic to ask for help from others.

Loes are very romantic and full of passion. Love and romance is with them at every point of their life. Leo lives in love. Though he is a responsible person towards his loved ones, he hesitates showing this nature of his and frequently complains.

In addition, leo people are very clear in their thoughts. Once they think of doing something, it is very difficult to budge them. Leos are very kind and caring people and can go to any extent in helping those in need.

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