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Capricorn Male

himself only, you can find it a bit touch going near him. Physical appearance of a Capricorn man shows that he needs space and likes to be alone. However, he is as fond of appreciation and admiration as any other guy.

Capricorn man has very strong will power. His determination can move mountains! He has complete control over his emotions. He can hide any truth and emotion under his calm composure. You may not see romance in his eyes or his activities, but he is romantic at heart. Its just that he is too shy to express his emotions.

He is very practical and has a lot of dreams. After all it is dreams that turn into reality! You need to constantly encourage him to pursue his goals, and one day he will achieve what he desires.

Capricorn male has a lot of respect for relationships. Family ties mean a lot to him. You too need to understand this and live with this fact. Capricorn man is honest and loyal to the degree that he will not see another female except you. He considers it a sheer wastage of precious time.

He needs a perfect wife. You need to be good in every aspect, be it cooking food, handling children, caring his family or loving him. His love for you will only increase with age. His strict behavior towards children shall make them grasp the values at a much early age.

He would take you with him in all the occasions and parties. Capricorn man wants you to possess highest degree of etiquettes and common sense. You also need to present yourself before his family, since it is his family who would hold the power to accept or reject you.

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