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Cancer Male

Cancer male, represented by the Crab, is a reserved kind of person who doesn’t like chattering a lot. He takes care of his own work and wants others to take care of their work. Cancer man is not the one who will open up in front of you in one go. It may take a number of meetings in order to know even a bit about him.

You may not understand his nature very easily. He may be smiling once and would be frowning the next moment. When in a depressed mood, a cancer man wants love and hugs to get going. However this sadness and depression doesn’t last very long. You soon see humour taking over the depression. Spending time with a Cancer guy can make you very close to him.

His characteristics are similar to that of a crab. Whenever a cancer man feels alone and sad, he goes into his shell (as we call for crab). He will be there in this retreat till he is again confident and strong enough to face the realities of the world. You may consider him to be very rude and hard person, but he is very soft and emotional inside his heart.

Cancer guys need love security. So if you want to win the heart of a Cancer male, be sure of expressing your love to him every now and then. He is very sensible with money matters. He is neither stingy nor lavish. Cancer man understands the value of money and knows where to spend it.

He is very close to his family,being the eye ball of his mother. Cancer male would expect atleast the same love and care from you, as he gets it from his mother. So be sure to exceed his expectations.

Cancer male becomes a good and protective father. He cares a lot about his family. Love for his wife increases with each passing year and he doesn’t forget to express it either!

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