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Sagittarius Female

A straight forward, tactless, clear hearted girl standing there is a Sagittarius female. She doesnít hide her thoughts about you and says what she feels. Sagittarius woman keeps a positive outlook towards life and sees everything as an opportunity to learn and excel. She is very clear in her thoughts and this is apparent from her talks.

In a relationship, Sagittarius woman wants her man to have a stable mind. He needs to talk sense and should have high degree of self respect. Common sense mixed with intelligence is desired from his man.

She loves to travel a lot. Expeditions and long distances excite her. This makes her open minded and practical. Sagittarius woman doesnít care about social obligations and bindings. She wants to lead her independent life.

She trusts people easily and more often than not, her trust is broken. This doesnít leave her depressed or dejected. She has passion for life and moves on. People canít resist her charm and want her with them.

She is not very good in money matters. She buys what she likes, without even seeing the price tag!

You are bound to hear most negative and bad sentences from her when she is angry. You need to control your temper while listening to those comments. However once she is ok, she forgets everything she said. Her talks may make you feel dejected and sad, but you have to cope with this.

She is an individual and want to remain the same. You have to accept her as she is, and not try to change her.

After marriage, your home would be as clean as a five star hotel, thanks to your Sagittarius wife. She is totally against shabbiness. She would be friendly with children. They also need to take her bluntness as part of her behavior. All said and done, your understanding her can make your life a living heaven

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