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Taurus Male

Similar to the general characteristics of Taurus zodiac sign, a Taurus man is very stable and cool headed. He doesnít do things in a hurry and take his own time to analyse things.

Even in the matter of love, he thinks a lot before expressing himself. He looks at every aspect of your personality before making a decision. Once he expresses or accepts your proposal, he will make sure that you are with him, no matter how long it may take. He understands the importance of expressing love through small gestures.

A Taurus male is very protective towards his love. He wonít leave her alone anytime even after a quarrel. Donít try to impose anything on the Taurus male, he will get irritated. Instead give him rational reasons and he will happily accept your point. Accepting your mistake and apologizing will bring you more closer to him.

When he is with you, make sure that you donít have anybody else with you. He doesnít like interference in between of anykind. Be it your friends or your relatives, see to it that they donít come to your home too often. He lives with you and not with your friends!

Taurus man is very caring for his loved ones but very careless for himself. In case something doesnít happen as expected, he will surely blame himself instead of others, no matter it is othersí mistake.

He thinks hard and analyses things from all perspectives before acting on it. A Taurus man will assist you in your household works too. He is very romantic by nature and will make you happy. You will feel in heaven whe with him.

Taurus man is a think tank. He also loves to analyze things and people. His mind will always be on the move. He has a long list of acquaintances but a small list of friends. The friends he makes are mostly with him for lifetime. Many people can call him rude and arrogant in first meeting, but knowing him more will vanish all their doubts

Taurus men often have conflicting personality. You will have to spend a lot of time and energy to truly understand him. Once you do, he can be the simplest puzzle on the world.. You can consult him for your problems and he will be more than happy advice you. But will leave the action making decision on you only, since he will not suggest you what to do.

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