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Taurus Female

Taurus women usually have broad forehead and thick neck.Their shoulders are broad and eyes are bright.

An emotionally very strong woman standing in front of you would probably be a Taurus. Pressure handling and taking the way out are the most admirable qualities of a Taurus woman.. Though she wants her man to be the front runner and dominate the family, acting as its head, she can very well take the responsibility of the family if the male is not capable enough.

Taurus woman is also very stable, but when irritated beyond limits, she can be dangerous. She is a bit shy. Strong mind sense and will makes her independent. You can not force her to do anything she doesnít want.

She has less number of dependable friends, but they stand with her anytime she wants. She makes friends with people who do not believe in dual personality. Status is not a problem with her while making friends. She is very trust worth and caring.

She is a practical person and doesnít think much. They donít want anything made up or artificial. Taurus women are very close to nature and love flowers.

Recovery from illness can take her a bit long. Infections of throat are very common with women with Taurus zodiac sign.

Because of their conservative nature, these women prefer staying at home and make themselves busy in their own works. Love drives them and they are very romantic when in love. They have their partner/love in their thoughts all the time.

The family life of Taurus woman goes on smoothly. Married woman are very devoted towards their family. They become very caring and loving wife and mother.

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