Taurus Child,Personality Traits of Taurus Baby,Characteristic of Taurus Children

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Taurus Child

A Taurus child is the master of his own wish. He does what he wants and nobody can stop him from doing his own work. Taurus child doesn’t like compelling. He has a very charming personality.

A Taurus child wants love and affection. You give him loads of it and he will return tons. Taurus child loves to show of his love and care. Taurean boys possess a good physical structure and Taurean girls are completely feminine in terms of behavior and physique. You may sometimes come across strong sighted girls, but they too are a lot feminine from heart.

A Taurus child is energetic and cheerful. He is more mature and understanding than most of his counterparts. Taurean children are very hard working and possess a lot of perseverance. They can sometimes be jealous. Taureans want loving atmosphere around them. Music attracts them. They are very close to their loved ones. Talk to them with love and they will surely respect you and follow what ever you say, without any questions.

He is soft at heart. These children need to be nurtured with affection and care or it can lead to their feeling inferior.

Taurus child takes everything with a practical attitude and understands everything with logics. He likes to read his favourite book or comic again and again till he can recall every single sentence.

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