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Libra Child

Attractive, Charming, Cute, Adorable are some of the adjectives you will hear people saying when seeing a Libran Child! His alluring smile can melt many hearts in one go. A Libran baby is calm and composed. He rarely cries or screams without any ground.

Libran Child takes time in deciding, and should not be forced upon. This will confuse him and will hinder the growth of his decision making ability. Being harsh wonít help in getting the work done. He needs to be taught fast decision making through love and affection.

Libran baby may seem lazy, but he is actually gaining his strength to run again. Libran children are very bright and grasp things early. They however need to know the problem in totality before working on it. He can argue with colleagues endlessly if they donít understand all the aspects.

He is a sincere chap and would follow the rules. But that would require convincing him of doing certain task. He needs the reason behind every talk. You need to support your point with logic or you lose the battle. You can trust a Libran child and tell him your secrets.

Since fairness is one of his strong personality trait, he will always go to the right side. It may take Libran child some time in judging who is right and who is wrong, but once he does make the judgment, he becomes crystal clear in his thoughts and decision.

That dimple on his cheek/chin and smile to die for will always make your heart happy whenever you see your Libran child

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