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Scprio Female

What would happen if a woman is beautiful, sensuous and electrifying, and above it, she knows she is like that! Scorpio woman is very proud of her beauty. She knows how to attract men and shall succeed in her acts too. Though she can dominate every man, she likes the man to lead. Public display of love is not in line with her characteristic. She will however not leave any moment of romance when you are with her.

Scorpio females are also good at judging people. They come to know about the other personsí feelings and thoughts in their first meeting. Their eyes fetch everything that is going inside the person opposite to her. Better be away from her if your intentions are not right. She would be difficult to control when angry.

They can be as hard hearted and ferocious as they can be loving and passionate. So you have to put each of your step after lot of thoughts. Itís a strong willed man who can handle a Scorpio woman as being with her will not be playing with colleagues in a playground.

Her dream man should be good in looks, should have above average intellect, strong willed and passionate. He should be able to dominate her and make her happy. He needs to be good at handling problems and sorting out issues. Once in love you become her world.

Scorpio female makes less friends but they remain with her for the lifetime. She should build trust and respect with the other person before she accepts him as her friend. She comes out of toughest of situations, thanks to her determination and self motivation.

She plays an important part in shaping the life of her family including her husband. She stands with him at every point in life acting as his backbone. Scorpio female can not hear anything bad about her man.

She is possessive to the extreme and this can sometimes lead to a bit of suspicion. So try not getting close to women! Because of her personality, she would attract a lot of men. Its you who has to keep his cool at that time since she is yours and will always remain yours.

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