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Scorpio Male

One thing that best describes a Scorpio man is passion for good things. Passion for love comes in the top list of Scorpio man. Inner passionate feelings are hidden under his calm and quite attitude. A Woman herself needs to be high on love if she has to even stand in front of s Scorpio man.

A combination of sensitivitly, intellectual knowledge, intelligence and desire, you are bound to get attracted to him. Scorpio man is high on ego. He wants to win every game and every battle. Though failures depress him, he doesn’t let others take advantage of it and appears stronger than before.

You need have a spotless reputation if you want to get a Scorpio man. This is because he will try knowing about you in every possible way. If he is convinced about a girl, he would love her without caring about the world’s talks.

Scorpio man would dig you deeper and deeper till all your inner feelings and secrets are out. Once he feels that you are an open book, he will make every effort in fulfilling your desires. He wants his expressions to be limited between both of you. In public, he would behave like a normal person who walks with you but doesn’t hold your hand.

Scorpio males are very jealous. Some are obsessive to the extent of even hitting the person talking to you. God save the man who puts an evil eye on Scorpio’s love. They are very honest in their relationship and will stick to you no matter other women are standing outside your home with flowers in their hands.

He will instill the discipline among his children and can be a bit harsh in getting what he wants from them. Respect for others needs to be there in his children. You need to remind him to be polite with children.

Know him well and you will have the most caring , considerate, kind, passionate man in the whole world.

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