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Scorpio Child

Stronger, both in will and physique, a Scorpio child is ahead of other children. He plays for winning. There have to be no ifsí and butsí in his winning.

Scorpio children need to be constantly reminded of doís doníts. Discipline is a trait which they need to be taught every morning. Scorpio child needs to be taught respecting people. You need to put your point firmly, staring in his eyes, otherwise he will make you uncomfortable with his gaze!

Scorpio child has sharp mind and very attractive personality. Etiquettes need to be taught to them at a very early age.You need to be stronger enough to teach your Scorpio child. He needs to understand that its you who is the dominating person in family.You will have to use all the tactics of love, rigidity, affection, scolds in order to bring the child on right track

Scorpio child is very close to their family. Family and his loved ones come first, even before himself. Scorpio child should be kept busy in physical and mental activities in order to utilize his energy in best possible way. His imagination knows no limits. You should not limit his thoughts, as this was how many became personalities from people!

He gets attracted to new things, so you should keep a track as to what he is doing. Scorpio child knows what he needs and finds ways to obtain it.

Romance and passion is his characteristic trait, and he canít survive without it. Relationships and romance will start from a very early age. This will be accompanied by heart breaks, and he should learn how to cope with it.

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