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Leo Female

Every manís dream, every heartís desire. This is what best describes a Leo female. Center of attraction for one and all, a Leo woman is high-spirited, beautiful blonde and is full of sensuality.She has all the leadership qualities and controls her group very well.

Leo woman adore and respect their partner. She wants him to be a well cultured and behaved real man. Though she is not dominating over her partner, his inability to perform certain things can make her take the lead. She wants her man to be very decent in language and expressions.

She is very kind at heart and is always a step foreward in helping the needy. Leo woman is very talented alrounder. She posses a great combination of humour, courage and seusuality. She likes audience and fan following. The perfect way to please her is to adore her beauty and flatter her to the greatest extent.

As they are strong willed and have the desire of making a mark in the world, they very often continue their work and career even after getting married. This will satisfy her desires.

Leo woman want to show off. Buying expensive clothes, jewellery, gifts, sophisticated home furnishings comes in her regular chores. You can yourself judge this seeing her and her home.

Leo female is an independent bird and loves to fly high. She would respect your space too, but only to the extent getting proper love and attention. The moment she sees you looking at other women and passing smile, God save you!

She is a very good host and home maker. Leo women teach love and respect to their children. She gives respect and wants the same in return.

Though she will get a lot of male attention and appreciation throughout her life, she will be loyal and committed towards the person she loves. A piece of advise in a nutshell-Donít dominate her and donít let her dominate you, and you will lead a happy and exciting life.

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