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Leo Child

Leo Children are very friendly characters. They love to be the attraction point and do every thing to gain peopleís attention. They are full of energy and will always be running around. They can sometimes be reckless which can lead to accidents.

Leo child controls the group and doesnít like competition. Not getting what he wants can sometimes lead to aggression. He has a lot of self respect and pride. Scolding or thrashing him in front of others can make a dent to his self confidence.

Leo child needs freedom of speech and expression. Utilizing his energy in constructive household tasks helps him to be busy and also make him learn things.

Leo children should be taught the importance of respect and love towards others. Donít try teaching him by scolding or thrashing. Give him lot of love and appreciation while teaching him the basics of leading a good life.

Leo child loves doing tough tasks. They are never interested in easy household chores. They want tasks which bring responsibility and control. Leo Children are fast learners and are very intelligent. They always look at things from practical aspect. Dominating others is what Leo child loves, and this can be taken as an advantage by making him feel the importance of succeeding in life and how he can dominate and control people with this.

Being a born romantic person, a leo child gets attracted to the opposite sex very soon. He will have numerous affairs and heart breaks till he even understands what it is.

In all, you have to use the wepons of love, care, patience, strictness etc when with a Leo Child

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