Leo Man, Traits of Leo Man, Personality of a Leo Man, Nature of Leo Men, Leo Male Details

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Leo Male

That man surrounded by a lot of people surrounding him, the center of attention and attraction of this gathering, would probably be a Leo male! His lively attitude makes him the center point for every one to stop.

A Leo man likes to be admired and want people to appreciate him. So a lady looking for his love in a leo, should try what he loves i.e appreciation and admiration.

Leo male is of a dominating character. He is happy when he commands. In heart a Leo man is very kind and strong willed. He possesses a lot of courage just like a Lion. Independence is something he can not live without.

A Leo man in love does everything to keep excitement alive in his life. Since romance is a necessity for him, you will be loaded with gifts, roses, surprise parties, letters and whatever you can think of. Such is the possessiveness of a Leo man that he would sometimes even object to his lover talking to some other male. You are made for him and have to be with him.

Marriage brings a lot of responsibilities in Leo males. They become more cautious and caring towards their family especially their wives. Leo men are loyal to their partners too.

Respect holds high for Leo men. A bit of disrespect towards him can shoot his tempers high. Leo men make very good fathers. They are very caring and shower their love on their children. Leo man wants his son to become more stronger and successful than him.

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