Get to know all the details about Aquarius woman,her nature and characteristics and her loving romantic side

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Aquarius Female

An Aquarinan woman is like a bird, open and independent to fly. She is not very emotional and is a bit unpredictable. She enjoys her time and finds solace in her loverís arms. She is loyal and committed but you need to understand her priorities too.

She is a social woman and loves to make new acquaintances. She critically observes each and every aspect of her prospective love before entering into a commitment. Once she knows that you are the right man, she trusts you blindly. Trust overpowers suspicion in love of an Aquarian.

She possesses high determination. Once she thinks of getting something, no one can deter her from achieving her aim. She is sure to hit the bullsí eye.

She gets hurt of the wrong doings of her loved ones and doesnít forgive them. She takes those wounds for her entire life.

Aquarian female tries to know what is going on in your mind, successfully hiding her own thought process. She is a good listener and gives logical advice. People search for occasions to talk to an Aquarian female. This is because of her good manners and charismatic personality. Her kind hearted behaviour and charming attitude is sure to bring more people near her.

Aquarian woman has a practical approach. She doesnít regret over spilled milk and think about the future. She lives her present and makes strategies for a bright future.She is high on self respect. Make sure not to hurt her or look down at her. She respects and expects.

She makes a very loving and caring mother. She is always concerned about her child. Be it his health or his career, she has all things going on in her mind about him/her. Since she is not very good in expressing love, you need to teach her all the ways of expressions.

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