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Aquarius Male

An Aquarius man is a gregarious personality, very friendly and understanding. Every person he meets becomes his friend. You need to be different to be close to an Aquarian man. He likes understanding and analyzing people and can spend evenings probing people.

It is however a bit difficult knowing his feelings. He tries hard to hide his innermost feelings. Respect for people is an important virtue in his personality. People for him are important and hold a significant place in his life.

Aquarius man is honest and wants honesty in return. He doesn’t like people with small thinking and cheap mentality. He is a team person and works best in a team. Moving together to achieve one common goal interests him.

He is very inquisitive and likes to solve problems. Mysteries attract him. He wants to know everything of the thing or person who interests him.

Aquarian man is good to you till you are good to him. The moment he feels that you are taking undue advantage of him, God save you. He can them become shrewd and hard for you.

He doesn’t make plans for his marriage. This is the last thing in his agenda. Marriage comes only after he feels that he is strong enough to take the responsibility of a family. He chooses a girl who understands him as a friend and is not very demanding. Love for him is honesty and commitment. He would not mind expressing his desires from you. He will say what he is not comfortable with.

When in a relationship with an Aquarius man, you should not judge from his lifestyle. If you do so, you will be busy being jealous. This is because his interest in people makes him a sought after person by both men and women.

In a family, Aquarian man makes an encouraging and motivating father. They listen to their children and try to give answers to all their questions. They put every effort to make their children a successful human being.

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