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Virgo Child

If you see a baby sitting very quietly and listening to people, ask her parents if he is a Virgo! A Virgo child is very peaceful and quite. He prefers to observe instead of crying. Virgo child is very choosy about food. Its better to give him what he likes or the food will end up in a mess. Tidiness is the inborn personality trait of a Virgo. He likes clean surroundings and prefers to be unsoiled.

Virgo child is sincere and disciplined. You donít have to run before him to get his work done. Ask him lovingly to do his homework and the next moment you will see him with his books and notebooks. Scolding him would complicate things.

Virgo children are alert, adapt change very fast and show responsibility. They will be among the first ones to raise their hands for a task. Their logical and rational thinking requires statements with proofs and practical examples.

They need to be constantly showered with your love and affection, your hugs and pats. Virgo children are very systematic and keep their belongings in order. Time is of utmost importance to virgo child. He makes it a point never to be late to school or tuitions.

Understanding and analyzing people is his hobby. Virgo child can give you his critical comments on whatever aspect you want him to. This helps him in his emotional and intellectual development. He is thus much more mature than his peers.

As Virgo child is very attentive, he learns things very fast. Young children will be helpful in household works, following their elders.

In a new gathering, Virgos will usually be quite and can often feel lonely. This can upset them and make them move away. You need to encourage your Virgo child towards acquainting with people and makingfriends.

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