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Virgo Male

Virgo male is very practical and logical. He lives in the daylight where everything can be seen. Daydreaming and fantasizing is not what he likes.

When in a relationship, Virgo man doesn’t express his love much. You have to understand him and find attraction in small things that he does.

Virgo man carries out his responsibilities wonderfully. Be it the workplace of his home, he manages both very well. Too much sentiments and emotions make Virgo man uncomfortable. He would run away if he sees too much of emotional drama going on. When in a relationship with an overly emotional girl, he may become cold.

A woman needs to be intelligent enough to make a balance of closeness, sensuality, excitement not forgetting the space that the Virgo man needs. He doesn’t support flirting with girls. Romance is something that he doesn’t run after.

Though Virgo man is very selective in his choice, but when in a relationship he is very loyal and sincere. Virgo man may take some time to even know that he loves you. You have to make him feel so. His love will be very pure and sacred.

Truth and honesty are his virtues. He does every work keeping these two wepons with him. Be it love or work, he makes it a point not to be dishonest and never lie. Virgo man wants the same thing in return. He can not tolerate dishonesty and lies.

Virgo male has sharp brain. He would remember all the important dates without knowing the reason for their importance!

Virgo man makes responsible father, who teaches his children honest and truthful living. Discipline and good manners are the qualities you will always find in his children. He makes it a point to sharpen their intellectual and logical thinking.

Making your virgo man more expressive will add wonders to your already happy life!

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