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Sagittarius Child

A Sagittarius child is very energetic and jovial personality. They meets everybody happily and want them to play with them. These children greet everybody and want the same greetings in return too. Your child likes to be in a gathering and enjoys moving around.

Sagittarius child never want to be left alone. He need somebody around even while sleeping.

A Sagittarius child becomes emotionally stable and slowly gets detached from his family. They donít know how to be formal with people and speak whatever comes in their mind. Sagittarius children are very inquisitive. They keep asking questions. You need to give them the answers with strong reasoning. This helps them in their mental development.

Since Sagittarius children are always on the run, they may get wounded. They love independence and want to fly like a free bird in the sky. They are gregarious beings and should be allowed to mingle with people.

A Sagittarius child should be encouraged to speak up.He should be asked to express his emotions.

Sagittarians are not good at money. Parents need to guide them on spending money properly.

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