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Sagittarius Male

An optimistic looking person, who wants to do what others have not even thought of, one who wants to make his own path and tread on it would in all probability be a Sagittarius man.

Looking at the brighter side of life and in the zest of trying new things, he believes on everyone and often gets hurt in the process. Their positive attitude and cheerful behavior makes them the hot favorite among people.

Sagittarius man is very lucky, be it in professional front or personal front. He easily enters in a relationship and can also get over the broke one easily. For a Sagittarius man, persons’ nature matters more than the looks. According to him, it is the inner person we live with not the outer appearance. Looks will not be the same for long, nature will be!

He is innocent at heart and straightforward in his talks. He is not at all deceitful, but often annoys others with his blunt words. This is not at all his fault, since he is so child- like, that he doesn’t know how to play with words. His friends love this nature of his.

He is loyal and honest at heart. If he doesn’t love you, he will never say those three words, no matter what your relationship with him. His flirts can often lead to the girl becoming sentimental about the relationship. He looks for an intelligent and intellectual girl to spend his life with.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t like boundations. He is loyal and truthful to his partner and expects the same from her. His ideal life partners needs to be lively and witty, encouraging his thoughts and acts.

In a family, he takes time to become comfortable with children, but when he does, he soon becomes their best friend. You need to give proper attention to him during your family life too.

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