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Gemini Female

Being with a Gemini woman gives you the opportunity of living with two personalities at one time. Being from the sun sign representing Twins, Gemini woman are not very predictable. A Gemini woman likes change and thus wants her man to be a different person every day.Gemini woman is always thinking about one thing or the other.

If you are able to bring that fine tuning between both of you, then you will see a very romantic and passionate woman altogether. A Gemini woman believes in expressing herself through love and romance.

You will find her loving every action of yours at one time, and complaining about everything the other time. This makes every moment of yours very surprising and full of happenings. A Gemini woman is exuberant and lively. She can bring a dull gathering to life with her nature and her talks.

A Gemini woman believes that a relationship can rock even by attaching small pieces of love and affection, care and happiness. She will search for ways to demonstrate how much she loves you and how important are you in her life.

Gemini female has the tendency of searching for good qualities in every man and wants her price charming to have all the qualities. She wants to find her whole world in one man! If she is walking with you holding your hand and looks at the guy walking past you, donít be jealous, its in her nature. She will remain with you only!

A Gemini woman wants her own space and will respect your individual space as well.

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