Gemini Male Personality, About Gemini Man, Nature of Gemini Men

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Gemini Male

Waiting for your Gemini man? Its better to let him come at his own time. His characteristics make him the person with varied thoughts and actions. He can go to the market to bring a Fridge and end up bringing a Microwave.

Gemini man is not the one who will hold your hand now and then and tell you how much in love is he with you. You will always be in his mind but seldom with him. His restlessness takes him to different locations and try different things, not sticking at one place. This can create lot of confusion and frustration in you mind, but if you need to be with him, you have to accept all this.

Gemini male is friendly at heart. He easily gets acquainted with others and gels up wonderfully in the gang. With his wit and conversation, he quickly becomes the lifeline of the group. However this is just on aspect of his multi faceted personality.

Changing your personality as per that of Gemini will bring love, charm and surprises in your life. You will find a lot of difference in the man you slept with and the man you woke with. You have to hold your head strong in order to keep track of all these changes.

A Gemini male stays away from smooth life. For him a smooth life brings in monotony which he completely disagrees of! Life is a Roller Coaster Ride for Gemini male.

Suspicion is something they canít live with. So if you want to get love of your Gemini male, donít doubt him much. Gemini man belives in the saying ď Sharing increases your assetsĒ. He shares everything material and immaterial. He loves to give knowledge and information to others.

Gemini man likes to be the center of attraction. He is as famous with females as he is with males. Gemini man wants to live the life of an independent bird and gives you the same in return.

He loves his children a lot and behaves like a friend with them. You can see him becoming a child among children

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