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Virgo Horoscope Compatibility

Virgo-Aries Zodiac Compatibility
Aries are bold and adventurous. A Virgo is attracted by these qualities of Aries. However, Aries look for a passionate partner, which they donít find in a calm Virgo. Virgo likes thinking with logics whereas Aries like doing. Virgo Aries horoscope compatibility predicts a short relationship between the two.

Virgo-Taurus Zodiac Compatibility
Leaving intimacy and fire, both the zodiac signs are compatible to each other. Virgo needs to bring herself to the expectation of her partner and be more satisfying. Both are practical and love material things, tells Virgo Taurus horoscope compatibility. A long term relationship is possible.

Virgo-Gemini Zodiac Compatibility
Gemini wants independence and would not accept Virgo pin pointing at every thing. Virgo will try to dominace Gemini which would create a kind of cold war between the two. A short romance is possible but long term relationship might not be fulfilling.

Virgo-Cancer Zodiac Compatibility
Cancer wants love and support and Virgo provides complete love and a sense of security to Cancer. Both take care of each othersí needs. The presence of one will strengthen the other. Virgo Cancer horoscope compatibility predicts a long lasting relationship.

Virgo-Leo Zodiac Compatibility
Leo is adventurous while Virgo is calm. Virgo is down to earth while Leo is dominating. Both of them wont be able to go along smoothly. Virgo Leo horoscope compatibility does not suggest marriage for them.

Virgo-Virgo Zodiac Compatibility
Virgo consider love to be a base of a long term relationship. The tendency of Virgo to criticize may bring in problems between the two. There may be a blame game going on every time. This relationship will not be easy according to Virgo and Virgo horoscope compatibility.

Virgo-Libra Zodiac Compatibility
Libra and Virgo relationship will be contrasting. Libra is more romantic while Virgo is more logical. Libra may loose his self confidence against a criticizing Virgo. Libra can be unfaithful at times, which is not tolerated by a faithful Virgo. The relation is complex and would not go a long way.

Virgo-Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility
Scorpio has a lot of romantic fire inside him while Virgo may not be able to understand the reason of such increased passion. They are otherwise very compatible with each other. Virgo Scorpio horoscope compatibility foresees an interesting relationship.

Virgo-Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility
Sagittarius has more of a romantic side than passionate. This makes Virgo filled with joy. However the acts and strange behavior of Sagittarius doesnít provide much needed security to Virgo. The always critical attitude of Virgo may force Sagittarius to search for affection outside. Marriage is not suggested for Virgo and Sagittarius.

Virgo-Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility
The personality of Capricorn attracts Virgo towards itself. Virgo needs to play a leading role in the relationship. Both of these zodiac signs have high degree of intellect and are practical. The relationship will be long and successful.

Virgo-Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility
Both Virgo and Aquarius donít give much importance to physical love. For them love in hearts is more important. However behavioral differences may arise in between the two. Virgo Aquarius horoscope compatibility predicts a good relationship.

Virgo-Pisces Zodiac Compatibility
Pisces is a dreamer and fantasize a lot about his/her partner. Virgo may not be able to fulfill the inner desires of a Pisces. Virgo needs to be calm and thoughtful in order to take the relationship forward.

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