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Leo Horoscope Compatibility

Leo-Aries Zodiac Compatibility
This is a good zodiac match. Both Leo and Aries are affectionate and jovial. They love intimacy and pampering. Slight conflict in leadership role may arise, but it will be short. Leo Aries horoscope compatibility predicts a happy marriage in long run.

Leo-Taurus Zodiac Compatibility
Both are romantic at heart. Taurus is rational and down to earth where as Leo has high dreams and prefers to play a leading role. This will create unnecessary tensions and quarrels between the two. Taurus may time and again become irritated by the behavior of a Leo. Leo Taurus horoscope compatibility predicts a long term relation full of ups and downs.

Leo-Gemini Zodiac Compatibility
Gemini is witty and ever changing. A practical Leo will like this kind of attitude of a Gemini. However sharp contrast in acts may sometimes annoy the Leo. This would be easily tackled by clever Gemini. Leo Gemini horoscope compatibility sees a wonderful relationship.

Leo-Cancer Zodiac Compatibility
Cancer is affectionate and emotional. Cancer looks for love and care in Leo, which he would get if Cancer gives love in return. Praise is what Leo wants and Cancer doesnot lack in flattering a Leo.Leo Cancer horoscope compatibility sees a lovely long term relationship between the two.
Leo-Leo Zodiac Compatibility
Both the zodiac signs look for leadership and dominance over the other. It is a matter of mutual understanding between the two. Being of the same sign, both know the results of praise and flattery. They will not leave any stone unturned in getting the praise and affection of their partner. A relationship wherever possible, will be very strong.

Leo-Virgo Zodiac Compatibility
Virgo being more practical, doesnít approve of the extravagance of a Leo. Leo behaves like the king of a relationship. This may irritate a Virgo. Both the zodiac signs donít like criticism. Leo Virgo horoscope compatibility predicts a very short relationship between the two.

Leo-Libra Zodiac Compatibility
Libra know the way to support his/her partner. Libra will cooperate a Leo in every work, be it professional or intimate. Libra should understand the art of flattery and should be well aware of its positive results. As far as Leo is concerned, he should be able to mind his language as Libra takes out a lot of meaning from the words. Leo Libra horoscope compatibility sees a healthy and loving relationship between the two.

Leo-Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility
Both Leo and Scorpio are fond of luxuries and extravagance. Scorpio is jealous and doesnít understand the importance of respect and affection. Both of these zodiac signs want to lead the main role in a relationship. Leo Scorpio horoscope compatibility suggests a romance but not long term relationship.

Leo-Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility
Both of these sun signs are passionate and like adventure. Sagittarius is faithful and has greatest admiration for a Leo. Leo Sagittarius horoscope compatibility foresees a happy long term relation.

Leo-Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility
Capricorn is practical in nature and may limit the extravagance done by Leo. Though Capricorn is not equally passionate as Leo, he can be demanding. Leo Capricorn horoscope compatibility suggests a good liaison, but marriage requires understanding and patience.

Leo-Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility
Aquarius is colorful and analytical. Leo may feel offended by the interference of Aquarius in most of the matters. Aquarius may not be able to satisfy the passion in Leo. Leo Aquarius horoscope compatibility suggests a short romance, not marriage.

Leo-Pisces Zodiac Compatibility
Leo is active and Pisces is passive. Leo wants fire while Pisces lacks it. Low self esteem of Pisces disturbs a Leo. Pisces wants constant reassurance and closeness of loved one. This relationship is complex and marriage would also not be simple

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