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Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

Cancer-Aries Zodiac Compatibility
This relationship will be full of contrasts. Aries are fun loving and energetic where as Cancer are down to earth and traditional. The starting of relationship may see love and romance. Certain acts and talks may bring in jealousy leading to the relation touring sour. Cancer Aries horoscope compatibility predicts an unhappy relation between the two.

Cancer-Taurus Zodiac Compatibility
The romantic side of Cancer will bring in excitement in to this relationship of Cancer and Taurus. Both these zodiac signs look for love and comfort in each other. Taurus is logical and can solve issues arising in between and will be supported by a responsible Cancer. Cancer Taurus horoscope compatibility predicts a happy long lasting relationship between the two.

Cancer-Gemini Zodiac Compatibility
The flirting nature of Gemini will hurt the emotional Cancer to a great extent. Outgoing and often unfaithful Gemini will be the centre point of increased quarrels between the two. Gemini needs to be calm and much more understanding towards partnersí needs in order to get the life boat going.

Cancer-Cancer Zodiac Compatibility
According to Cancer with Cancer horoscope compatibility, both Cancerians are emotional and sensitive to talks and actions. This may be good in terms of understanding each othersí needs and desires. However this can cause serious confrontations too, when one does not understand the other. Physical attraction will remain between the two and this will result in high romance during the starting phase of their relationship. Though marriage is possible for them, but care needs to be taken on emotional front.

Cancer-Leo Zodiac Compatibility
Leo is a cheerful being and lights up the mood of Cancer every now and then. Cancer feels secure and much confident in the company of a Leo. Leo however needs a leadership role in a relationship. He loves admiration and loves to be pampered. Understanding each other well will lead to a happy and passionate married life for both Cancer and Leo.

Cancer-Virgo Zodiac Compatibility
Though both Cancer and Virgo are emotional, but the practical nature of Virgo helps Cancer overcome problems and increases self confidence. There will be a lot of emotional and physical affection between the two. Cancer Virgo horoscope compatibility suggests both the zodiac signs to open up and communicate openly if they want a happy life ahead.

Cancer-Libra Zodiac Compatibility
Cancer is emotional and not so confident. This may disturb a practical and confident libra. Cancer can feel humiliated very easily and very early. Libra needs to take care of words while talking to Cancer. Short romance is possible but marriage needs good care and nurturing.
Cancer-Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility
A Cancer needs security and support and Scorpio fulfills every need of a Cancer. Scorpio is very passionate and loves intimacy. Though cancer may not match the level of a Scorpio, but willingness to satisfy his/her partner evades many problems. Scorpio is highly possessive about love. Cancer Scorpio horoscope compatibility predicts a happy marriage and life ahead for both of these zodiac signs.

Cancer-Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility
These zodiac signs have different characteristics and very less in common. Sagittarius likes freedom where as Cancer likes bonding. Cancer is faithful in love whereas Sagittarius is a flirt. Cancer thinks of the future whereas Sagittarius believes in enjoying the present. These differences may keep the spark and excitement going in the relationship and may even break it early.

Cancer-Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility
Cancer needs proximity of loved one which an indifferent Capricorn will not be able to provide. There is a high probability of a dull relationship between the two as per Cancer-Capricorn horoscope compatibility. Both will be bored of each other as soon as the sexual desire diminishes. Marriage is not advisable for this relationship.

Cancer-Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility
Both Cancer and Aquarius need closeness and support of the other. Since both of them are not very fun loving and practical, dullness may creep in and a sense of boredom will soon arise. Cancer Aquarius horoscope compatibility sees a black and white life if marriage happens.

Cancer-Pisces Zodiac Compatibility
Cancer and Pisces are emotional and considerate. They are of helpful nature and assist each other in tasks. Although there will be debates and arguments, they will be easily sorted out by talks. Cancer Pisces horoscope compatibility predicts a good match for long term.

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