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Capricorn Child

A Capricorn child is determined and positive right from the beginning. He gets what they want, by hook or by crook. He is much mature than his age. Capricorn baby is balanced in his attitude. He is creative and loves to make new things.

Your Capricorn baby likes to be at home, feeling secure in the cozy atmosphere. You need to develop his interest in sports and other physical activities. He has a lot of things going simultaneously in his mind. This often confuses him. So you need to encourage him to express his feelings.

Capricorn baby makes well organized adult. He is responsible enough to do his work himself. Music interests him and he can spend hours engrossed in songs. He is kind at heart and takes everyone with him. Politeness is their key characteristic.

Respect for elders inherited in him. You canít stop him from helping the needful. He even gives his food to that hungry person sitting far away from him. Capricorn child is very practical and doesnít participate in useless talks.

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