Cancer Female,Nature of Woman with Cancer Sun Sign,Character of Cancerian Girl,Personality of Cancer Woman

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Cancer Female

Its difficult judging a Cancerian woman in your first visit since a she is a moody person. Her mood changes from time to time. However you donít have to worry about this since it is not her personality trait. Just as a Crab is very hard from outside, a Cancerian Woman also seems indifferent and a bit rude but in actual she is very caring, emotional and kind at heart.

A Caner woman needs to be loved and cared if you want to see her real self. Being sensitive, she doesnít like criticism and is hurt by hard words. Your forceful behaviour and agression can lead to hesitation.

A Cancerian woman often feels insecure and wants your love and affection. It is you who is the most important to her. You will rarely see a cancer woman expressin

When in love, she is very faithful and committed. She will keep you happy with her love and will always remain yours. Just a bit of understanding of her mood can lead to a wonderful happy life.

She knows the importance of money in oneís life and is extremely careful about it. She is not very extravagant about money and doesnít spend ten where one is required. Her insecurity and shyness can lead her becoming depressed, if not given proper attention and love.

Similar to a Crab, she gets into her shell whenever feeling sad and dejected. Once in this state, it is a bit tough getting her out from there though with time she manages to face the world again.

She sacrifices everything for the happiness of her loved ones. She will herself remain hungry and give food to the person sitting near her. She becomes a very good wife and very caring mother. Protection of her children is the most important thing in her life. Her children too love her a lot and are very possessive about her.

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