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Cancerian Child

Be ready with your dairy to note the various moods that your Cancer child exhibits every now and then. You will find a different mood every hour! You can judge the mood swing from the facial expression he makes time and again. Being an emotional being, he will feel lonely when alone. So make sure to be with him most of the time.

A Cancer baby understands and observes things very minutely. He is very good at memorizing things. Such is his memory that he can remember every childhood poem during his old age!

His family has an important role to play in his upbringing. The way his family members behave with him affects a lot to the emotional stability of the child.

A Cancer child has a free mind and a wide imagination. Parents should not behold the imagination of the child as it is his way of growing up. He needs security and parents should put in every effort to give him love affection.

He is a disciplined child and listens to his parents sayings. However as he grows old, a Cancer child becomes a bit rebellious.

Being very close to his family, he doesn’t realize how the real world can be. Once he is out in the field, he understands that the world is not how it should be.

A fearless Cancer child grows to become a caring, independent and kind adult.

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