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Aries Male

Aries man is full of energy and excitement. He is committed towards the girl he loves and tries to take the relationship further even if it goes in a rough patch. He is a passionate lover but not for long. Aries man is very unpredictable in love, he can be very caring one minute and behave as if he doesnít understand you the other minute. Be prepared both hot and cold weather while in love with an Aries.He is expressive in love and wants the other person to be the same.

Aries male has deep control over his emotions and does not allow any pressure show on his face. He is always determined towards his ultimate goal. An Aries man doesnít poke his nose is others work. He is the person always there for you, but only if you ask for it. Respect for people is a wonderful quality of Aries man. Relationships matter a lot to Aries man and he is thus attached to his parents and loved ones.

Being a leader, he wants to dominate and lead. An Aries man loves to make his own road. He doesnít like the old conventional ways of doing things.

If you want an Aries man, you have to act clever and smart. Never do the mistake of going before him, make him come to you. If he asks you for a date, donít try to be important or he will be gone!Aries man wants your complete attention when in a relation and doesnít like your even looking at somebody else. You need to be with him, no matter what the matter is. He wants complete trust and commitment from your side. Arguments can often result in heated talks and rough language, which however wonít be long lasting.

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